Getting Started#


CocoaPods Integration#

If you are using CocoaPods, simply add the following line to to your Podfile.

pod 'BRRecord', '0.6.8-beta3'

Manual Project Integration#

If you are not using CocoaPods, download the library from here.

Unzip the library, and drag it to your frameworks group.

Add To Frameworks image

Quick Start#


BRRecorder screenRecorder = [BRRecorder sharedInstance: @{
    @"identifier": @"user+email@address",
}, identifiedWith: @"replace+with+your+identifier"];

[screenRecorder startRecording];


let screenRecorder = BRRecorder.sharedInstance([
    "identifier": "user+email@address",
    ], identifiedWith: "replace+with+your+identifier");


By default, the recording will end and upload when the app enters the background.

Recording Lifecycle#

By default after startRecording is called the video will continue to record until the app goes into the background. At that point the recording will uploaded in the background. If the phone does not have an internet connection or the recording fails to upload, depending on your video recovery settings, will either delete the unuploaded videos, upload them immediately, or upload them on the next app background.